Meet our committee! Nothing would be possible without a dedicated group of volunteers. Below are the current members of the committee. To get to know a little more about us, we also each answered 3 questions: What’s the best film or music to stitch to? What’s your favourite stitch? What have you tried once and will never do again?


Sue Macnab.

Best music/film for stitching: Sport is ideal for kantha stitch, especially Wimbledon, guilt free watching as you’re still ‘working’ otherwise its an audio book. Music wise its Ibiza dance anthems/radio 1dance
Favourite stitch: I don’t really have a favourite stitch but I do enjoy a nice sorbello.
Once tried, never again: Once tried, never again this time last year would have been hands down Gold Work but its been given a second chance and I’m mellowing towards it. However absolutely definitely never ever going to even attempt English Paper Piecing ever again……but maybe you should never say never in the world of textiles?


Susan Cooney.

Best music/film for stitching: My Rock n Chill playlist, includes a bit of Nirvana, Rolling Stones, Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Eddie Vedder.
Favourite stitch: So hard to choose just one…, I do like trellis stitch and use seed stitch a lot
Once tried, never again: Needle felting – ouch!

Programme Secretary

Ali Currie.

Best music/film for stitching: Sound of the ocean. That’s a bit aspirational since I live about as far as possible from the coast!
Favourite stitch: Turkey Rug Stitch – love me a bit of texture
Once tried, never again: Macrame closely followed by crochet – can’t get my head around working knots!


Alison Ellett.

Best music/film for stitching: I’m rather partial to a police procedural for stitching to. Something I can just listen to rather than look at.
Favourite stitch: Colonial Knot is awesome! Thank you to the RSN Stitchbank for helping me master it.
Once tried, never again: Shuttle tatting. Ugh! Basically an exercise in tying your hands together.

Member Representative

Dorothy Traynor.

Best music/film for stitching: I like listening to Andre Rieu when stitching, very relaxing.
Favourite stitch: Favourite stitch is bullion knot, I could never do it, but had personal tuition from Jane Greenoff at a stitching weekend.
Once tried, never again: Most hated is Hardanger, can’t get my head round it, again Jane Greenoff tried to teach me!

Member Representative

Caron Ironside.

Best music/film for stitching: Not a film, but Gogglebox is perfect background tv, or alternatively a good audio book is perfect!
Favourite stitch: Has to be a french knot, or maybe couching – hard to choose!
Once tried, never again: Probably wet felting!

Website Maintenance

Marieke Dickie.

Best music/film for stitching: Great British Bake Off, Great Pottery Throwdown, Great British Sewing Bee or any related amateur competition show on BBC and Channel 4.
Favourite stitch: Difficult to choose, but I have a soft sport for Bullion knots and French knots.
Once tried, never again: Crochet – the needle is a hook?! That’s weird.

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