It’s been a busy few months…

We have been a little quiet on here lately, but this has a very good reason. Our committee have been extremely (!) busy because in just 2 weeks from now, we will be hosting the annual Gathering of Scottish independent stitching groups in Perth! Record numbers of participants are expected and we have an outstanding speaker with a stitching project on the day lines up. A number of traders and tutors will be there with a table. A themed competition and a separate exhibition will be running for participants to showcase their work. This event is not to be missed! We are pleased with the large number of SSC members that have signed up to join the event and to support the committee by volunteering an hour or two on the day.

Aside from that, our curriculum runs as normal with the next meeting set for tomorrow. As always, there will be an informal Stitch & Chat session in the morning, and a speaker in the afternoon. This month, Brigid Collins will be giving a presentation entitled “You have to explain about the thread…”. We are curious to hear more!

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