What A Success

This past Saturday has seen our second meeting of the new curriculum. For our Stitch & Chat in the morning, we’ve had a record number of old and new members join. Such a wonderful atmosphere filled the room, as we all stitched, laughed and had some tea. It’s always great to see the variety of work our members do, and how they inspire and help each other.

In the afternoon, even more members filled the room and we were joined by Muriel Banucha. She gave a fascinating talk about Mary Queen of Scots and how she used her embroideries to tell stories and voice her opinions. We have learned a lot, and no doubt are many of us plotting to see some of the originals at some point. At least for me, it is a humbling thought that all these centuries ago, others have used the same medium to express themselves that we still enjoy today.

Next month, our first full-day workshop of the year will take place: “A Stitcher’s Sketchbook” with Ali Ferguson. There is great interest from our members, and we’re very excited for it!

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